Who is Innovating? Write for the CENSIS blog

Welcome to the CENSIS blog, says Ian Reid, CEO of CENSIS.

Our theme for our blog articles is ‘Who is Innovating?’ and we will be inviting guests from the world of sensor and imaging systems to share their insights and knowledge on what’s new and worth a read.

Sensor systems is big business. With an annual turnover of £2.6 Bn in the Scottish economy and a worldwide market worth more than £500 Bn, the industry is bursting with innovation.

In Scotland alone, we have around 170 companies and 90 research groups all actively developing new sensor and imaging systems solutions.  And many more companies which are actually using these solutions across industry, manufacturing, oil and gas, the built environment and many more.

There’s so much going on and Scotland is punching well above its weight.  Sensor systems technology is good news for business.  In fact, it’s a game-changer.

The Sensors market 2015

We worked with a company who have developed a battery-operated sensor with a 5 year life, far beyond anything that their competitors can offer.

There is also a Scottish company creating collars for cows (yes, cows).  The sensor system within the collar produces real-time information for the farmer on fertility and eating patterns.

We also work with a food manufacturing company that uses sensors to reduce wasted production down-time by making cleaning time more effective.

Yes, these are simplified sound bites and don’t take account of the hours of research and development time, but I hope these start to show how sensor systems cross all sectors.

Wherever we can produce data (and we have no shortage of data being generated), we can transform this raw data into information for making effective business decisions.

With technology racing ahead at a phenomenal speed and creative sensing solutions that we would never even have imagined only a few years ago, I know we are in for an ‘interesting’ time.

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Thanks for your time

Ian Reid