Urban Farming Company review of the CENSIS IoT Centre

CENSIS asked Jason Morenikeji, Founder and Director of Urban Farming Company how our IoT Centre helped his business.

Jason, you were the first company to use the CENSIS IoT Centre. How did you hear about it?

I attended the CENSIS Tech Summit in October 2015, where I spoke to CENSIS technical staff. They explained the role of CENSIS, the IoT Centre and their activities. There were also insightful demonstrations of sensor stacks and their capabilities.

Did you take much convincing or did it sound like a good idea from the start?

TableFarm – the innovative IoT plant growing product I’m developing – relies on sensor inputs to perform effectively. The IoT Centre is an ideal resource for pre-revenue companies to access and is perfectly suited to the rise of Scottish SMEs responding to the expanding global IoT market.

We say that we can help companies get their products to market – do you think this is true?

Yes: pre-revenues SMEs need as much support as they can get to help navigate the challenges of commercialising innovative global IoT products. 

Urban Farming_Jason MorenikejiDid we help Urban Farming Company get closer to its market?

Yes, new product development is an iterative process – the IoT Centre technical team was able to support the rapid prototyping of my product TableFarm and then built a full-spectrum sensor hardware set for our working prototype.

Having the hardware integrated with a 3D-printed mock-up gave Urban Farming Company a representative product to show to investors and gain valuable from potential user/customers.

How important was access to hardware?

Very high on my priority list. Access to CENSIS’ technical support was essential in the development of TableFarm because I needed a working prototype. 

And how important was access to the CENSIS technical team?

It was critical in bridging the gap between TableFarm’s technical requirements, the company’s vision for TableFarm and the hardware’s potential.

How important was it to you to be sharing knowledge with others?

Sharing knowledge with potential investors and for market validation was essential.

Did you get any training to help you carry out tasks yourself in the future?

I had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge through discussions with the CENSIS team.

Any other thoughts you think would be useful for other businesses?

Access to funding to facilitate support from the IoT Centre would be beneficial for follow-on support.

If you are interested in discussing any aspect of the IoT Centre, please email us using our online form or alternatively call on +44 (141) 330 3876.  Read our brochure here.