Major MathWorks discount for small companies (Startup, small, early stage)

Discount of 80% offered on MATLAB and Simulink

Great news for small companies: CENSIS has, together with The MathWorks, Inc, agreed a substantial discounted software offer to help companies within the commercial supply chain to develop innovative sensor and imaging systems.

The offer of 80% discount (subject to terms and conditions below) will allow start-up / small, early stage companies easier access to the full suite of products MathWorks offers, including the well-known packages of MATLAB, its Toolboxes and Simulink.

Important: The MathWorks/CENSIS ‘Start-Up’ offer is only available companies with fewer than 25 employees OR revenue of less than £3.5M. It’s available for new license purchases only up to the end of  December 2017. Terms and Conditions apply.

This discount agreement with MathWorks represents a key way that CENSIS facilitates innovation, encourages collaboration and reduce spend for start-ups.

Learn more about MathWorks capabilities:

To find out more about this collaboration and how your organisation may be able to benefit, please contact CENSIS for an introduction to The Mathworks.