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Prof Marian Scott awarded RSE Lord Kelvin Medal

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3 July 2024

Long-time CENSIS project partner and strategic collaborator on environmental projects, Prof Marian Scott of the University of Glasgow, has been awarded the 2024 RSE Lord Kelvin Medal.

This award recognises exceptional achievements in physical, engineering and informatic sciences by a senior career researcher. Awardees must have a Scottish connection but can be based anywhere in the world.

Prof Scott has received the award for her ground-breaking statistical research which has transformed the application of statistical methods across different disciplines, including environmental science, radiocarbon dating, veterinary science and quantitative archaeology. Her research work has made significant influence on policy and practice, as demonstrated in her public service appointments to the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, EU Scientific Committee on Health, Environment and Emerging Risk, and the NERC Science Committee.

CENSIS has worked with Marian on a number of projects including this one – a multi-disciplinary R&D project with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency to design and deploy a sensor system network to support sustainability in Scottish water resources.