CENSIS is the industry-led Innovation Centre for the economically important and highly diverse domain of Sensor and Imaging Systems (SIS) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and their applications.

We are one of eight Innovation Centres funded by the Scottish Funding Council,  Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.

The common aim of Scotland’s Innovation Centres is to help businesses large and small increase the pace of innovation – and, in turn, help the Scottish economy to prosper.

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The market for SIS and IoT

SIS and IoT technologies are spearheading developments in a whole host of markets from aerospace to healthcare, manufacturing to agriculture, and life sciences to subsea.

Our Markets page highlights potential areas where SIS can be applied.

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How we can help

CENSIS assists companies or organisations of any size to address industry, product and market challenges.Delivery mechanisms graphic

We do this by bringing together experts from across Scotland’s universities with our in-house, industry-experienced engineering and project management teams.  We then look to assemble fundable projects to develop effective solutions and leverage further funding.

Working with us allows organisations to implement quality, efficiency and performance improvements and fast -track the development of new products and services for global markets.

As well as working with technology companies to help them develop or improve existing sensor and imaging systems and IoT solutions, we also work with ‘non-technology’ companies to use SIS and IoT to improve or grow their business.

Companies can be based anywhere in the world to work with us, but to be eligible for CENSIS project funding, they need to have an operational base in Scotland at which the project will be carried out.

Read more about how businesses and industry can work with CENSIS.  Also, have a look at our Projects page to see the type of companies we have partnered with and read the CENSIS Review 2013-16 which shows highlights from our first 3 years of operation.

Technical challenges

We can help companies to tackle their challenges, take the right steps towards the development of new products and services, or find ways to improve existing ways of working. At a strategic level, we can help to identify new market opportunities.

Our solution

In summary, CENSIS will:

  • Source expertise and resources, defined and directed by company needs.
  • Co-fund feasibility studies and help leverage additional funds for larger projects.
  • Help position companies with commercial supply chains, the emerging technology development landscape and with cross-sectoral trends.
  • Support projects via the CENSIS engineering and project management teams, ensuring that they are delivered on time, within spec and on budget.
  • Offer standard terms and conditions and IP arrangements to make it straightforward and easy to work with any of our academic partners.

Contact us

If you have a technical challenge that needs addressed or if you are looking to maximise growth in your organisation, talk to us about how we can help your business to grow.

The Innovation Centre programme has been registered with the European Commission as a General Block Exemption Scheme.

The CENSIS host institution and administrative hub is the University of Glasgow.
The University of Glasgow, Charity Number SC004401