Delivery Mechanisms

To deliver sustainable growth in Scotland’s economy, we will support shorter- and longer-term partnerships between industry and universities, and facilitate the rapid exchange of people and knowledge.

We will use the following delivery mechanisms to deliver value to industry and HEIs:

  1. Collaborative R&D projects led by industry
  2. Strategic Research, tackling knowledge gaps identified by the market
  3. Secondment and professional training to provide the next generation of experts

Delivery mechanisms graphicCollaborative R&D

Designed as shorter-term projects of 6-18 months, these are partnerships between industry and one or more CENSIS Spoke. Projects are always led by a company or group of companies, aimed at accelerating research outcomes into new products or services. These projects will offer funding either from CENSIS or an external funding source from an enterprise agency, plus manpower to supportsolution development, in order to deliver de-risked concepts to product development.

Strategic Research

Targeting longer term projects stretching over 2-3 years, these projects will empower industry to define research agendas in universities, by identify and articulate common needs and knowledge gaps of interest to a wide range of end users. The idea here is to create new capabilities, platform technologies, and demonstrate application – releasing the research findings back to the community to allow industry to use them for economic benefit.

Secondment and Training

Through our profile of professional training activity, CENSIS promotes the movement of researchers and engineering staff in academic research groups and industry, while more formal university engagement in postgraduate training activities offer new taught and research degrees to support the next generation of highly-skilled design engineers.

The resources CENSIS has at its disposal to aid its work includes:

  • Discretionary funding to realise companies’ strategic needs
  • Clear heads of terms for companies and universities, combined with standardised Intellectual Property agreements, designed to help projects clear early stage contractual hurdles easily and quickly.
  • Staff to partner in project delivery, including our own full-time engineering staff to liaise with industry and universities to ensure projects are delivered on time, within scope, and to budget.

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