Downloadable Documents

Please download copies of documentation related to the ways in which CENSIS will make funding available for, and support, collaborative research and development projects.

Accession Agreement (GOV 004a)

This agreement between the University of Glasgow and CENSIS partner universities relates to signing of the  Collaboration Agreement.

Template Project Agreement (GOV005)

Setting out the arrangements between the University of Glasgow and industrial collaborators, this agreement covers the commencement of the project, conduct of the parties, project management, funding and payment obligations, reporting, IP rights, publications, confidentiality, liability and termination.

Template_Offer_Letter_and_TCs (GOV 006a)

This template offer letter outlines the terms and conditions under which an offer to support a collaborative R&D project is made. These include payment terms, monitoring and reporting, publication and acknowledgement of support, IP and commercial exploitation, and liability.

The CENSIS host institution and administrative hub is the University of Glasgow.
The University of Glasgow, Charity Number SC004401