Stuart Simpson - Senior Engineer

Stuart is an electronic engineer with experience in the defence, communications and condition monitoring sectors.

Following an engineering apprenticeship in the Royal Navy, Stuart went on to work with combat command systems, radars and communication equipment. He then moved to Agilent Technologies working on the manufacture and test of PDH and SDH test equipment, before going to Vodafone where he worked on telecommunications equipment infrastructure, cell optimisation analysis work in the field and using statistical tools. A  move to Thales Optronics saw him take responsibility for the design of FPGA-based PCBs and integration into a compact PCI-based system for use in periscope systems, along with system integration for optical and medium wave infrared sensors.

Before joining CENSIS, Stuart spent time with Doble Engineering at Glasgow Caledonian University, where he worked on the development of RF and acoustic-based detection of partial discharge in high voltage network infrastructure, and bushing degradation using comparison of phases.

Stuart holds a BSc (Hons) in Electronic engineering from the Open University and an MSc (Dist.) in Advanced Microelectronics from the University of Bolton.

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