In-process Liquids Sampler (ILS)


Advanced Sampling Process Instruments (ASPI) Ltd and Glasgow Caledonian University

Start date:

February 2017


26 weeks

Project abstract

Advanced Sampling Process Instruments (ASPI) is working with Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU)  to develop an In-process Liquids Sampler (ILS), measurement sensors and controlling algorithms for a range of continuous liquid processing applications within biological treatment systems.

The ILS is an autonomous scientific instrument, intended for applications requiring rapid, repeated and accurate monitoring of chemicals and settlement rates in liquids in a controlled environment from within the process. The ILS can be immersed easily into the liquid management process and can operate free from maintenance for an extended period of time.

The principal application of the ILS is in biological treatment management. However, sensor changes can be implemented that will make the ILS suitable for sugar refining, brewing, chemical processing, etc.

The support provided by CENSIS to the ASPI/GCU team will accelerate development of the ILS and its sensor suite, so bringing to the global market potentially significant process efficiencies combined with reductions in energy consumption and GHG emissions.

This project builds on previous collaboration by ASPI and GCU to take an initial concept through several design iterations to a point where a pre-prototype has been developed that is suitable for concept demonstration.  This earlier collaboration also identified several areas that are essential to the future development of the ILS prototype.

ASPI’s ambition is to be recognised internationally as a Scottish supplier of trusted and respected scientific instruments established within a global marketplace.

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