Bringing farming to the table with IoT technology


The Urban Farming Company and CENSIS IoT Centre

Start date:

December 2015


10 days over 1 month

Project abstract

The Urban Farming Company is bidding to educate children about biology, tackle childhood obesity and bring nature back to the home through the design of Table Farm, an Internet of Things (IoT), Tamagotchi-style toy for plants. Their partnership with the CENSIS CDDC aims to take the technology to the next stage.

Table Farm is a smart, educational toy aimed at the pre-teen market. With a seed, container, soil, cartridge pack and built-in light and water systems, the toy gamifies growing plants through an app; encouraging children to learn about where food comes from and how it is cultivated.

The plant incubator will guide kids through the journey of a plant’s life, all the way from seed to consumption. Along the way, users will learn about how plants grow and react to different stimuli, through a series of challenges; with its condition displayed by an avatar within the app.

Among the many by-products of its research, Table Farm could be used to understand how plants react to different kinds of light and eventually inspire new methods for intensive farming – for example, helping low-income farmers in developing countries improve food security. A full launch of Table Farm is pencilled in mid- 2017, with the company looking to scale up to a five-person operation.

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