Livestock fat monitoring (FSCAN)


Innovent Technology Ltd, University of Strathclyde and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

Start date:

January 2016


Until March 2016

Project abstract

Innovent Technology partnered with the University of Strathclyde and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) to investigate the feasibility of a scanning technique to measure the depth of back fat on live animals. The developed instrument and methodology will enable more accurate indication for back fat, improving management and nutrition, lowering production costs and increasing the selection accuracy of animals for slaughter.

The key objective is to produce a commercial system which, when placed in the vicinity of an animal, can measure back fat levels at multiple points without the requirement to either restrain or make physical contact with the skin of the animal.

The ability to take readings without manual restraint of the animal opens the possibility of multiple, routine measurements of fat deposition in groups of animals.   The proposed system could provide an alternative to existing ultrasound livestock back fat scanners that require direct contact with the skin to produce effective measurements.

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