Modern farming: the Agricultural Engineering Precision Innovation (Agri-Epi) Centre

Project abstract

By 2020, precision agriculture is set to be worth £2.3 billion globally. Amidst this revolution,
the Agri-EPI Centre has been established to ensure the UK increases its status as one of the world leaders in the sector. Initial areas of interest for the Centre include automated vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, instrumentation to monitor operations and performance of cropping systems, as well as sensing and imaging technologies to monitor crop and livestock production.

As Agri-EPI members, CENSIS will deliver LoRa™ LPWAN connectivity to a number of farms initially, with extension to aquaculture sites in the longer term. We will use this to support the development, deployment and evaluation of new sensing and monitoring approaches. These will increase yield, support lowered costs and improve husbandry standards.

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