Renewables, energy extraction and energy generation

renewables-60371611This market segment is intended to cover the broad area of energy extraction and generation, but exclude distribution and consumption. By the nature of this sector, harsh environmental conditions exist, either due to natural elements or manmade hazards such as extreme temperature or pressure operating conditions. In order to assist in the better understanding of the requirements the sector has been further subdivided into:

Subsea & surface sensing and monitoring

  • Down-hole monitoring and control, exploration sensors including specialist sub-sea vehicles such as ROVs and diving information systems
  • Condition monitoring of subsea assets for failure detection

Specialist oil/gas production monitoring

  • Flow control and measurement
  • Pipeline condition sensing; turbulence detection
  • Subsea commodity and asset management

Wireless sensing

  • Generation plant condition monitoring
  • Explosive safe environment monitoring and control

Renewable distributed generation monitoring

  • Wind/wave farm asset and condition monitoring; environmental monitoring
  • Widely distributed sensor networks for optimum wind / wave farm production

Thermal generation monitoring and control

  • Nuclear/thermal process monitoring of generation equipment and processes to optimise production or environmental efficiency