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Funding for Collaborative R&D

Working in partnership

CENSIS works with companies of all sizes and supports a wide range of end applications. 
We work across the SIS community to identify the companies, technology developers, end-users and academic researchers required to create truly collaborative projects with maximum economic potential.

We do not issue calls for the development of Collaborative R&D projects. There are two ways a project can come forward:

  1. Through work we do on sector and market development. As market-led opportunities between partners are identified, we support the partners to develop a proposition that can be submitted for funding.
  2. Industry and academic partnerships (or companies on their own) can approach us with a market-led opportunity they wish to explore.

In both cases, there will be a process of discussion and refinement to help develop an idea to a proposal that meets the our criteria and, where applicable, an external funding provider. We work with external funders to support the majority of CR&D activity expected to last 6-18 months, e.g., the Scottish development agencies (SE and HIE), Technology Strategy Board, or EU Horizon 2020.

No matter what stage your idea is at, we’re keen to hear from you. Contact the CENSIS Business Development Team to discuss the suitability of a potential collaborative project.

Read more about our approach to CR&D engagement, including IP, funding levels, developing a proposal, and project assessment.

Funding for Strategic Research

CENSIS will issue funding calls for longer-term strategic research (lasting 2-3 years) in universities that aims to tackle knowledge gaps identified by the market. These projects will be designed to create new capabilities and demonstrate application, with preference given to subject areas that will deliver across several sectors or markets.

Earlier Projects

CENSIS builds on the work of a previous funded project: The Sensor Systems Centre (S3C). You can read about earlier projects at the S3C site.

CENSIS Projects

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