MSc Sensor and Imaging Systems

Joint degree from top-ranking Scottish universities

Sensor and imaging systems is a key enabling technology to achieve quality, efficiency and performance across all key markets. Sensor systems are spearheading the next wave of connectivity and intelligence for internet connected devices, underpinning all of the new ‘smart markets’, e.g., grid, cities, transport and mobility, digital health and care and big data.

The MSc in Sensor and Imaging Systems (MSc SIS), developed with the support of CENSIS, the degree is delivered by two top-ranking Russell Group universities, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow. The degree is designed to appeal to graduates seeking to develop SIS skills that can be used in a range of end applications.

MSc Project: Opportunities for Industry

The MSc Project is a vital component of MSc SIS, running from June-August. CENSIS seeks to source a number of projects from industry to work in partnership with academic supervisors at both universities to support MSc students in the completion of their projects.


Domain-appropriate skills relevant to a range of markets

Opportunities are extensive and graduates will gain an understanding of sensor-based systems applicable to a range of markets supported by CENSIS. Students spend time at both universities.

  • Semester 1: University of Glasgow
  • Semester 2: University of Edinburgh
  • Semester 3: MSc project, with the possibility of industry placement

View the University of Glasgow’s MSc page for the most up-to-date description of the programme.

Who Can Apply?

Applications are welcome from graduates in physics, electronic/electrical engineering or chemistry. Additionally, if you have a background in computer, chemical, biological or medical sciences, or maths, you may still be apply provided you can show enthusiasm and aptitude for science and technology pertinent to sensing and imaging.