Benefits for Researchers and Academia


  • Working with CENSIS will connect you to a wide network of companies through our wider industry and end-user connections..
  • This could identify elements in a project supply chain to allow you to create a larger collaborative project with greater strategic impact, or to build a consortium of collaborating companies
  • CENSIS provides an environment and structure that is conducive to effective collaboration to support your enhanced engagements with business and industry.
  • Project management and engineering support: CENSIS staff will work with you to ensure your research is shown in the best commercial light, while providing a spotlight to industry on your research capabilities.
  • PGR studentships for the new four-year Engineering Doctorate in Sensor and Imaging Systems.
  • Straightforward contracting, with Agreements making it easier for you to engage with industry and save time during the early stages of project negotiation.
  • REF and research impact via demonstration of wider economic impact from your research.
  • Influencing the CENSIS agenda for the future.
  • Contact us for an initial discussion or add your information to our Academic Database.