Collaboration outwith Scotland

CENSIS is the industry-led Innovation Centre for the economically important and highly diverse domain of Sensor and Imaging Systems (SIS) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and their applications. We are funded to increase the pace of innovation in Scotland but also have strong partnerships with organisations outwith Scotland.  If you would like to discuss working with CENSIS, please contact one of our Business Development Team members for an informal conversation.

As an industry-led innovation hub for SIS and IoT, our knowledge of the technical and research landscape continues to grow.  The CENSIS team has many approaches to helping organisations with sensor and imaging systems and IoT challenges and projects are extremely diverse, covering everything from environmental risk monitoring and management to rail track maintenance; and from subsea systems to pharmaceuticals.

However, the common element all projects share is that CENSIS is helping to overcome the significant practical challenges involved in taking innovation to the marketplace.  One of our key strengths is our ability to deliver Technology Readiness Level (TRL) uplift with our collaborative projects and we work very hard to help companies and their academic partners tackle the ‘valley of death technology gap’.  At CENSIS, the majority of projects we support bridge this gap, with most starting at TRL 3 and finishing at TRL 6.

The SIS Stack

Sensor systems enable businesses to assess the significance of the data they gather, using it to gain stronger insights in to their activities and act with authority and confidence on results presented to them.

Our ‘stack’ model illustrates the elements of a complete sensor system:

At the bottom are the sensors, detecting and measuring change in all its forms e.g. temperature, light or energy.  However, this data may mean very little if it cannot be set in context or awarded significance – the real value lies in transforming it into meaningful and actionable information.

As we move up through the stack, the system converts these basic sensor measurements to signals, prioritising the most valuable data.  Through a series of complex processes, the data is securely stored, managed, organised and analysed, finally being converted into information that allows the right business decision to be made.

CENSIS Markets

Sensor and Imaging Systems (SIS) and IoT are fundamental enabling technologies across many industrial sectors, including transport, defence, energy, health, renewables, oil and gas, and ocean science. Increasingly, sensor systems and their underpinning device, signal processing, networking, information dissemination and diagnostics technologies, are being tightly integrated within the products and services of a wide range of business.