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New CENSIS Board Appointments

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26 November 2013

CENSIS Chair, Bob Downes, announced the appointments of new non executive directors to the CENSIS Governing Board. Further Board Member appointments are to follow.

John Innes, VP Business Innovation, SELEX ES

A Chartered Engineer and Physicist, John has over 25 years’ experience in the defence and security sector focusing on the design and development of sensors and sensor systems. John is leading the SELEX ES activity exploring new market opportunities and the development of new sensor solutions to address them.

Tim Summers, Operations Manager (System Design), Freescale Semiconductor Ltd.

Tim has extensive semiconductor related experience spanning wireless infrastructure, broadband access, VOIP and industrial and machine-to-machine (M2M) systems. His previous roles include international general and operations management, system development and the start-up of new business ventures within Texas Instruments and Motorola.

Prof Lesley Yellowlees MBE, Vice Principal and Head of College of Science and Engineering, University of Edinburgh

Prof Yellowlees’ interests cover inorganic electrochemistry and spectroelectrochemistry, EPR spectroscopy, synthesis and characterisation of potential solar energy dyes, and utilisation of CO2, public engagement of science, and promoting women in science.

Calum MacGregor, Operations & Engineering Directors, Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) Ltd.

With a background in optics, nano-fabrication and manufacturing, Calum has held general management, CTO and CEO roles in a number of electronics and manufacturing companies, including two start-ups and one management buy out. Calum led the development and production of GSS’ revolutionary range of solid-state CO2 sensors, including COZIR, the world’s lowest powered CO2 sensor for air quality monitoring.

Myrddin Jones, Lead Technologist, Electronics, Photonics, Electrical Systems, Technology Strategy Board

Myrddin has over 30 years’ experience in the semiconductor and display industries. Following R&D roles at Racal Research Ltd., he worked for Hitachi Ltd. and was General Manager of Hitachi’s European display components business, developing solutions for industrial, computer, automotive and telecoms markets.

Prof Ivan Andonovic, Professor of Broadband Networks, University of Strathclyde

Prof Andonovic’s research interests centre on the development of broadband networks, access and home networking, and wireless sensor systems. He held the ITI Techmedia Sponsored Chair in Broadband Networks, facilitating the interaction between fundamental research in communications technologies and digital media and pre-competitive development of technologies, and is a co-founding member of ETS Ltd., providing animal health services through wireless sensor platforms.