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CENSIS is the centre of excellence for sensing and imaging systems (SIS) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. We help organisations innovate and overcome technology barriers to achieve business transformation and reach global markets. As one of Scotland’s innovation centres, our focus is on creating sustainable social and economic benefit in the Scottish economy. Read CENSIS brochures  View CENSIS videos



8th November 2018 : CENSIS 5th Technology Summit: Registration now open

Save the date and join us for our 5th Summit to explore the theme of disruption in sensor systems and IoT.

9th November 2018 : CENSIS 5th Technology Summit: Electric Imp Masterclass

Apply to join Tech Summit keynote speaker, Hugo Fiennes, CEO, Electric Imp for a free 90 minute masterclass.

21st November 2018 : Analog Devices LTspice seminars

This half-day seminar is promoted by Anglia Components and Abercorn Electronics.

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