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Road, rail, sea and air

Reinventing the sector for a smarter world – across road, rail, sea and air.

Transport FutureTech

The CENSIS FutureTech workshop at Edinburgh Tram‘s headquarters in Edinburgh on 26 June 2019,  focused on the transport industry, with guest speaker George Lowder, Chief Executive of Transport for Edinburgh.  The Transport FutureTech workshop helped decision-makers working in transport understand the potential benefits of IoT technology – from ensuring a healthy fleet of vehicles to increasing the security of cargo.

George Lowder, Chief Executive of Transport for Edinburgh, added: “The transport network in Scotland supports more than 360,000 businesses from logistics to traffic management [1] – maximising its potential will play a key part in the growth of Scotland’s economy.

“Collaboration at workshops like this allows organisations to learn from each other and understand what IoT technology can do. It also gives people the chance to ask the experts and get advice from those who are already using the technology to benefit their businesses.”

Benefits of applying IoT solutions to Transport could include:

  • Vehicle/fleet health and maintenance, leading to fewer breakdowns or maintenance delays
  • Advanced analytics for streamlined operations, transport flow and traffic management
  • Improved transport logistics, condition monitoring and asset tracking
  • Greater reliability and enhanced safety features
  • Reduced fuel consumption and travel times
  • Enhanced security and screening – of people and cargo
  • Reduced administration for regulatory compliance
  • Reducing reliance on vehicle ownership with the concept of ‘Mobility as a Service’


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