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Private sector (250+ employees)

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Your R&D partner

As well as supporting innovation in small and medium sized businesses, CENSIS has experience in helping larger companies address their own particular challenges.

Larger businesses can work with us to help inform longer-term strategic planning, explore new work streams, and strengthen or break into new markets.

Companies have partnered with CENSIS to de-risk a new product or service away from their primary business before implementing it with confidence into their wider R&D timetable.

Supporting larger companies

Exploration for strategic growth

  • Tap into our extensive knowledge of the research landscape and our experience of building award winning partnerships.
  • Organise exclusive exploratory workshops with us around specific needs.
  • Work with our experts to further understand disruptive trends and their implications for your business.
  • Use assets such as the CENSIS Vision Lab or IoT testbed to avoid disrupting existing R&D programmes.
  • Develop new relationships with the wider CENSIS innovation ecosystem.
  • Take advantage of third-party funding opportunities with CENSIS as your delivery partner.
  • After the project ends, display your technology in our IoT demonstration area and increase your exposure to key stakeholders.

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