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Private sector (250+ employees)

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Large companies often have R&D departments. However ...

It’s understandable that a small private company may find resources strained when trying to find time for innovation – but what about larger private companies? Surely they have R&D departments with allocated budgets?

Even when that’s the case, our experience shows that larger organisations often want to de-risk a new product or service away from their primary business before implementing them into their R&D timetable.

That’s where CENSIS can help, offering an environment in which a larger company can try and test a new product, service or improvement process idea in our environment without interrupting their day-to day-business.

Here’s how CENSIS can help a large private company


  • Take advantage of our innovation environment and cross-sector knowledge of new technologies to practice and de-risk your investments in innovation.
  • Use our physical and digital assets such as our Vision Lab or IoT Demo Centre to explore new technologies and accelerate solutions developments and scale-ups – without disrupting your existing R&D programme.
  • Understand solution development options, identify, assess and evidence potential benefits of existing and emerging digital technologies and how they could fit with your business model.
  • Take advantage of our hands-on workshops, meeting the technology developers and gaining first-hand knowledge of new technologies as they are introduced.
  • Benefit from our cross-platform experience to organise advisory workshops around your specific needs– identifying industry stakeholders and academic researchers with interests relevant to your challenge.


  • Build, test and demonstrate ‘the art of the possible’ for new products and services not previously considered.
  • Develop stronger relationships with the CENSIS communities in Scotland, discover new networks, and learn from what others are doing.
  • Join in with collaborative third-party funding opportunities we bring to your attention.
  • Display the new products and services we develop together in our IoT demonstration area to increase exposure to potential customers or strategic next-stage development.


  • Scale
  • Scope
  • Profitability
  • Growth
  • New technology introduction

Effect changes in the scale, scope and profitability of your current business and articulate cyber-physical perspectives for future business models.

Incorporate the new technologies to develop and scale up solutions to strengthen export markets.

CENSIS IoT Demo Centre
Allow us to host the technology you’ve developed with us as a case study in our IoT demonstration area to increase exposure to potential customers or strategic next-stage partners needed for your business model.

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