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Travel and hospitality monitoring

From how visitors interact and make the most of their visits to key attractions, to making the travel and hospitality element of tourism easier.

Benefits might include:

  • Maximising the visitor experience with information at tourist sites, even in remote locations
  • Managing the flow and meeting the needs of visitors during high season or special events such as festivals
  • Travel intelligence insights and accurate visitor numbers (such as duration of stay, returning visits made to particular attractions)
  • Supporting a sustainability agenda and promoting sustainable tourism
  • Personalised hospitality – integrated room access with room services and facilities to the local hotel customer service, including menu preference, the wider resort offerings and connected third party local attractions.


Take a look at organisations we have worked with

If you would like to find out more about our work with businesses of all sizes, public sector bodies and universities, we have highlighted some of the challenges we have faced together with our clients.