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The blue economy (subsea, offshore and marine)

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The blue economy covers economic activities related to oceans, seas and coasts

The adoption and use of digital technologies and IoT enables safer and smarter operating environments both onshore and offshore, from autonomous vehicles to the management of assets and infrastructure.

Sensor and imaging systems and IoT are important elements in implementing wider digital offshore strategies.

Data is transformed into critical business information, bringing costs savings, increasing operational uptime and supporting strategic decision making.

Potential application areas

From generating efficiencies in maintenance through condition monitoring of remote equipment, to gathering more detailed information than ever before from AUVs and other submersibles, the possibilities are endless.

The even better news is that it brings more than just an operational upside, e.g., reducing human intervention with equipment supports the health and safety of employees and sensors measuring and reporting round the clock can generate better insight into wider system performance when viewed in the context of a whole production plant.

  • Ruggedised sensors offering high quality information on temperature, pressure, oil quality and chemistry, phase flows and leaks.
  • Long-term asset management and maintenance, e.g., the remote detection of corrosion under insulation removes the need for physical surveys and ensures downtime is minimised and equipment remains reliable.
  • Advanced condition monitoring to identify trends and flag failures before they happen.
  • Portable or autonomous devices as sensor platforms allowing image acquisition and analysis through machine vision systems and the remote deployment of instrumentation for non-destructive testing

We’ve supported and worked on a number of projects in subsea, offshore and marine environments.

Our video outlines opportunities in the blue economy

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