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IoT FutureTech Workshops

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FutureTech workshops across Scotland

Throughout 2019, CENSIS delivered five Scottish Government-funded FutureTech workshops focusing on the transformative potential of IoT across some of Scotland’s key growth industries.

IoT technology will transform business operations across Scotland and impact every sector of the economy so it’s more important than ever that Scottish companies embrace what it has to offer.

The FutureTech workshops looked at how to get started in IoT and how to apply it to real-world projects, with a focus on user services, quality outcomes and viable business cases.

For a full guide to IoT, read our ‘Getting started with IoT‘ and ‘Cyber Security and IoT‘ brochures.

Let's talk more about IoT

If you have an idea for a product or service that could bring value to your organisation and your customers, CENSIS may be able to support your plans with advice, technical support and the resources you need to create a full solution.