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What we do

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Independent, technology-agnostic, trusted advice and technical support

CENSIS is a not-for-profit innovation centre established to support private businesses and public sector organisations to accelerate the pace of innovation by exploiting sensing, imaging and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

In taking advantage of these enabling technologies, you will gather real-time information to help you make better informed business decisions to:

  • Develop new products and services
  • Improve operational effectiveness
  • Improve competitiveness, cost reductions and profitability

We work with all types of organisations, from large multinationals and public sector bodies, to SMEs, including high tech, pre-revenue start-ups.

The support we offer depends on the type and scale of your challenge. Our advice is independent and technology agnostic. We have experience across a wide range of market sectors and emerging technologies.

Our experienced business engagement, engineering and project management teams can help you to understand your technology challenge or market opportunity and address it with confidence.

There are several ways to work with us.

Technology options can often be bewildering and making a wrong decision early in a project can cost time and finance to correct.We can help de-risk your projects in a supportive engineering environment. Our physical and digital assets include our Vision Lab, IoT Testbed and IoT Demo Centre.

Talk to us

Talk to us and take advantage of the transformative power of emerging and enabling sensing, imaging and IoT technologies to resolve challenges and realise business advantages across an almost endless range of markets and application areas – from the city to the seabed and everywhere in between.