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Independent advice

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Advice and guidance you can trust

Sensing, imaging and Internet of Things (IoT) are fast moving, with a wide range of potential solutions appearing on the market daily, from developer kits to new commercial systems.

If you do not have the resources, we can provide impartial advice and support to help you work out the best options.

Developing new products or services can bring with it a significant element of risk. Our independent advice offers a healthy dose of reassurance that there are no conflicts of interest in working with us. We never push ideas or propose solutions out of financial or commercial interest.

You can expect:

  • A clear, technology-agnostic focus.
  • Feasibility, proof-of-concept and product support.
  • In-depth and detailed subject knowledge.
  • An awareness of wider policy and technology trends.
  • An impartial sounding board, listening to your needs in the short and longer term.
  • Putting your needs above our own, delivering solutions that best fit your organisation.
  • A supportive, pragmatic relationship for the longer-term.
  • Signposting and introductions to other support partners.

Planning your solution - from vision to market

We can help you explore your aims, shape your vision and create a plan of action.

Starting point

We benchmark your starting point by looking at existing and emerging technologies. This will have a cross sector perspective to analyse and identify which technologies could meet or contribute to solving your challenge. We always consider the fastest track to demonstrating feasibility of a solution and apply our knowledge of developer kits and low cost devices in many cases. With expertise in cross-sector applications, we can advise if any effective innovations involve the use of technology already in use other sectors.


Could your offering be applicable to markets other than your target market? We can help you understand the relevance of your technology in other sectors, and identify the potential technical interventions that will have the biggest impact for your innovation. We may be able to identify other sectors for your technology outside your target market.


We will work with you to optimise your R&D choices and create a technology development plan, identifying the resources and expertise required to fulfil the project objectives. If necessary, we’ll also make introductions to other potential partners.


We will develop a plan to manage costs and risks, and reduces time to market. The budget for each phase will be quantified and we can help identify possible funding routes, including supporting written applications for funding.

Project lifecycle

Support from us does not end when your project starts. We’ll work with you as appropriate throughout the lifetime of your project, including lessons learned and identifying next steps/future challenges.


We work with organisations of all sizes and types, from start-ups to large global companies. Everyone is welcome to talk to us, whether in the private, public, third or educational sectors.