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Energy and utilities

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Upgraded power quality and security for utilities

Introducing ‘intelligence’ to UK infrastructure, both for electricity and natural gas distribution to deliver upgraded power quality and security.

Benefits include:

  • Improvements in condition monitoring at through the electricity grid and on wind, wave or tidal turbines
  • Power resource monitoring, managing load during periods of high demand.
  • Distributed sensing and control network for smart grid optimisation
  • Using advanced machine vision on drones for power plant inspections or hotspots or breakages along power lines
  • Ruggedised sensors for temperature, vibration, moisture, corrosion and pressure, to optimise maintenance or predicting issues such as leaks, faults or contamination
  • Smart grid meters for water, electricity, and gas to collect usage information and run deeper analytics on the data to gain business intelligence
  • Smart meters to track domestic energy use, allowing utility providers to predict demand and plan maintenance


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