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Public sector organisation

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Technology to support public service delivery

Councils, health boards and hospitals, education departments, government offices deliver important public services, year in, year out. With such accountability comes the responsibility of looking ahead for new, better and more efficient ways of utilising public money. Public sector organisations also have a role as drivers of change throughout business and society and need knowledge of new technologies to share with their customers.

Working with CENSIS, the public sector organisation can take advantage of our hands-on approach that helps public bodies improve the services they offer

Our services include

  • Acting as a trusted project delivery partner for the implementation of technology solutions to enable public bodies improve what they do; including reducing costs while simultaneously generating service efficiencies.
  • Providing trusted, impartial advice on state-of-the-art technologies, including benefits and potential pitfalls as well as providing evidence and other inputs to inform public policy.
  • Exploring and advising whether a public sector body’s IoT offering is joined up with its partner organisations.
  • Signposting and championing public sector opportunities within our SME partners.
  • Investigation of smart procurement and smart specification for long-term service improvement.
  • Assisting local government policy to support SME innovation activity by sharing technology skills and knowledge.
  • Feedback and highlighting future industry trends


Public sector organisations working with CENSIS benefit from our proven track record of engaging companies within the supply chain, including SMEs, across a range of important sectors for Scotland.

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