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Food and farming

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From precision agriculture to compliance and safety

Integrated technologies that look at how food is grown, livestock is managed or equipment is monitored–to enhancing food compliance and safety and managing natural resources. Benefits might include:

  • Optimising crop growth and maximising crop yields – monitoring the weather and soil condition to optimise irrigation, predict disease risk, plan a harvest and reduce the volume of agri-chemicals required and waste created.
  • Livestock monitoring – herd health and wellbeing, tracking location and assessing quality of vegetation grazed, managing automated feeding, controlling environments in enclosures and barns
  • Tracking expensive, portable equipment and introducing autonomous drone technology.
  • Maintenance – monitoring the condition of production equipment to minimise down-time for maintenance and repair.
  • Compliance, safety, quality, provenance and authenticity recording in the food supply chain

Take a look at organisations we have worked with

If you would like to find out more about our work with businesses of all sizes, public sector bodies and universities, we have highlighted some of the challenges we have faced together with our clients.