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Support throughout the design lifecycle

Designed to help you save money in the long run, prototyping projects can be a cost-effective way of ensuring problems are solve in the beginning of your design journey, rather than finding major challenges at the end of your project. It can help you

  • understand what your final product might look like
  • see how customers will interact with it
  • build a stronger business case and identify your value proposition
  • secure buy-in and funding from investors and stakeholders.

CENSIS engineers are experienced in the development of PoC projects, prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs).

Proof of concept

  • Testing basic assumptions and proving a theory works in practice.
  • PoCs can help derisk an idea, show investors or stakeholders it has potential.
  • Not always fully debugged, but will show the basic functionality of a concept.
  • Even if a PoC shows a concept does not work, it may show that other solutions are possible.


  • An effective way to bring an idea to life, giving you something that can be tested further.
  • A basic working model that may involve elements of system testing and debugging.
  • Prototypes can test usability and functionality, and spot and fix errors.


  • A more advanced, working version that includes core functionality and features of the final version.
  • Allows for lengthier field trials, and to fully understand a product’s value.
  • Provides confidence to share a product with potential investors.
  • Once an MVP has been developed, we can introduce you to companies who can support your journey towards a commercial launch.

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