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Prototyping and proof of concept

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Support throughout the design lifecycle

When it comes to verifying the design and functionality of your product or service, CENSIS can support you no matter what stage you’re at – Proof of Concept, prototype or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Designed to help you save money in the long run, prototyping projects are a cost effective way of ensuring problems are solve in the beginning of your design journey, rather than finding major challenges at the end of your project.

Proof of Concept

  • A quick way to test some basic assumptions about your idea and give you a ‘go’ or ‘no go’ answer on taking it further. The main purpose is to prove your theory works in practice.
  • CENSIS PoCs can help derisk an idea, show investors or stakeholders it has potential, and let you move on to your next stage of development.
  • It’s not always fully debugged, but it should show the basic functionality of your concept.
  • Even if a PoC proves that the concept does not work, it might still mean that other solutions are possible.


  • Like PoC, a prototype project helps to derisk and make better decisions about the direction in which your idea will go next. Prototyping can be a quick and effective way of bringing your idea to life, giving your something that can be tested further.
  • More advanced than PoC, a prototype will be a basic working model that might also involve elements of system testing and debugging.
  • It may not look pretty, but it’s an excellent way of testing usability and functionality, and spotting and fixing errors – including potential cyber security loopholes.
  • While a PoC shows you that something can work in theory, a prototype shows you how it will work in practice.


  • A more advanced, working version of a prototype that includes core functionality and features of the final version.
  • It’s a product that should allow you conduct lengthier field trials or tests, fully understand your product’s value and give you the confidence to show and share it with potential investors.
  • MVPs usually have a more refined design but still aren’t ready to go to market.
  • Once your MVP has been developed with our help, we can introduce you to companies in our network to continue the journey with you and get our idea ready for commercial launch.

Delivering on spec, on time and in budget

A prototyping project can help you understand what your final product is going to look like and how your customers will interact with it.

It can help you build a stronger business case, identify your value proposition and help you secure buy-in and funding from investors and stakeholders.

If you don’t know quite what you’re looking for yet, talk to us about what might be right for you. We can help you specify your aims and objectives, timescales and audience and ensure your project is delivered on spec, on time and in budget.

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