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Research expertise and vision can transform a business or industry problem

Universities, colleges and independent research organisations play a key part in society as drivers of collaborative innovation.

Academic knowledge of emerging technologies and relevant applications, together with research expertise and vision can transform a business or industry problem into a world leading technological solution.  

Academic benefits of working with CENSIS


  • Open conversations with new companies for mutually beneficial project activity.
  • Opportunity to develop longer-term relationships.
  • Take advantage of CENSIS domain expertise and the role it plays between university and industry to translate and disseminate research.
  • CENSIS can map out the research or technical landscape you are facing.
  • Use the Impact Acceleration Account to engage CENSIS
  • Join the discussion over future skills provision and application-inspired research priorities.


  • Potential engagement with industry enhances Research Excellence Framework (REF) reporting.
  • Longer-term relationships with business and industry
  • Enhance academic reputation as a leader in innovation, community engagement and business growth.
  • Sharing of knowledge for socio-economic benefit.
  • Contributing to the UK’s economy and global reputation.



Join our academic database

If you are undertaking research in sensors, imaging, IoT or related areas and would like CENSIS to be aware of your work for potential collaborations with industry, we invite you to join our academic database.

The more information you can provide, the better we will be able to match your skills and experience with industrial needs and requests for specialist skills and knowledge.

Please contact your own institution’s knowledge exchange office if you are a researcher seeking an industry partner to commercialise an idea. CENSIS cannot provide bespoke company partnering for university research programmes.

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