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Landscape review

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Independent technical review to inform decision making

Navigating the technical landscape can be overwhelming – how do you unpick what your challenges are and where solutions might lie? Who might be your competitors be? Could your idea be applicable to other markets? Are there any shortcuts?

Let CENSIS help. Our impartial landscape reviews can help you to understand the business or technology challenges and opportunities you face – long before you start to invest significant time, effort and money. We have have completed scores of reviews for partners to shape a strategy or understand technology development routes and options.

After your review is complete, we can work with you to progress things, e.g., as part of a a collaborative R&D project, via consultancy , brokering new relationships or helping you to leverage funding.

Landscape review

A landscape review typically includes:

  • Analysis: business and technical needs, including any specific knowledge you’ve asked us to capture, and what the state-of-the-art looks like.
  • Risk and reward: technical challenges, competitor technology, and potential opportunities.
  • Solutions: relevant technologies you could employ to address your challenge, including relevant commercial off-the-shelf products to suit your needs.
  • Partners: pointers to relevant expertise in the university or college network, introductions to stakeholders or potential business partners.
  • Taking it further: our conclusions and recommendations.

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