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Landscape review

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Independent technical review to inform your decision making

Disruptive new techniques and technologies in sensing, imaging and IoT seem to be appearing all the time.

Navigating the landscape can be overwhelming – how do you begin to unpick what your challenges are and where solutions might lie? Who might be competing with you? Could your idea be applicable in other markets? Where do you find an academic partner or funding to take your idea forward? Are there any shortcuts?

Let CENSIS help.

Our impartial landscape reviews can help you to understand the challenges and opportunities you face in order to help shape your business or technology strategy – long before you start to invest significant time, effort and money.

Included in a landscape review

CENSIS landscape reviews are compiled by our professional team who have years of experience in industry and in the Scottish innovation ecosystem.

A landscape review typically includes:

  • Analysis – business and technical needs, including any specific knowledge you’ve asked us to capture, and what the state-of-the-art looks like
  • Risk and reward – technical challenges, competitor technology, and potential opportunities
  • Technology development options – including alternative routes and options for you to explore
  • Finding solutions – relevant technologies you could employ to address your challenge, including relevant commercial off-the-shelf products to suit your needs
  • Identifying partners – pointers to relevant expertise anywhere in the Scottish university network, introducing you to stakeholders, or other companies interested in partnership
  • Taking it further – our conclusions and recommendations

We have a portfolio of over 60 landscape reviews undertaken for partners either to shape a strategy or understand technology development routes and options.  We have absorbed these learnings into a core knowledge base which we continue to build upon using our knowledge of industry and Higher Education Institution (HEI) research activity in Scotland, global publications and product awareness.

Next steps

After your review is finished we can go even further. Whether that’s supporting you in a collaborative R&D project, undertaking consultancy work, brokering new relationships or helping you to leverage funding, you can be sure of our help to progress your technology priorities.

Take a look at organisations we have worked with

If you would like to find out more about our work with businesses of all sizes, public sector bodies and universities, we have highlighted some of the challenges we have faced together with our clients.