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Subsea Webinar

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10 July 2014

10 July 2014, 3:30pm BST


The webinar is the second in a series  that aims to discuss best practice for undersea data monitoring in various applications. Undersea operators across the spectrum want to keep ahead of the technology curve and participate in a discussion.  The discussion will be rich with practical insights from leading technology organisations, universities, innovation centres and businesses. Aberdeen has been the traditional centre of European mineral extraction with expertise in sectors such as subsea, operational support and facilities development located around Scotland and available globally.

This event is delivered and organised by Oxford Intelligence. Speakers have been selected from a wide cross section of subsea businesses currently developing subsea sensor technologies to provide an informative platform in which you are encouraged to ask questions at the end of the presentations.

Speakers include Ian Reid, CEO of CENSIS, who will explain how sensor systems will help to grow and enhance technologies for subsea, mineral extraction and many related markets.

Dr Richard Neilson of University of Aberdeen will provide knowledge and research currently being applied within the subsea market, along with Sveinung Botnen of Christian Michelsen Research and Tracy Shimmield of SAMS Research Services Ltd.

Blair Cunningham will inform you about innovations at CodaOtopus. CodaOctopus is a specialist underwater technology business focusing on several areas which include 3D sonar, precision altitude positioning, geo physical survey work and much more.


This webinar will explore:

  • Real-time data in environmental monitoring, construction, and mineral extraction;
  • Ways in which real-time data is presented to operators to overcome information overload;
  • Potential new markets and applications for subsea sensors opened up by real-time monitoring;
  • Opportunities available that could support R&D development and collaboration.


This series is organised and delivered by Oxford Intelligence, a member of the Ecorys Gorup, and IBX. Oxford Intelligence bring together communities of researchers, executives, and investors in various sectors.



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