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Photonic Sensing the Environment

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1st October 2014

NOTE: This event has now passed.

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SU2P & CENSIS Environmental Sensing Workshop

Collins Building, CL205,  Richmond Street, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

1  Oct 2014, 9.00am-2.00pm

  •  Does your business need to start measuring our environment to plan operations?
  • Do you rely on monitoring equipment to ensure you comply with new regulations?

About the Event

Please join CENSIS and SU2P, the Scottish/USA Physics Alliance, for a half-day workshop to identify challenges, discover innovative solutions, and provide new and inventive ways of living and adapting to our climate and the many environmental challenges we will face in the future.


Our ability to innovate and measure our environment is essential in this era of urbanisation and climate change and it could be essential for our future survival on earth. Do you want to keep ahead with innovative measuring devices within Photonic sensing?

As a global society it is increasingly important to protect the sensitive environment within which we live. We now need increasingly more inventive ways to measure our impact on the environment in order to make decisions about how we eat, drink, provide energy, live, work and interact with the earth in a rapidly changing environment. There are constantly changing European Directives which are set up with ever more challenging new environmental goals across our supply chain which we have to attain and find new ways of monitoring and measuring to protect us and our environment.

These applications are not only key to regulatory assessments in our business but also a vital component to our business in order to comply. At one time we could rely on a specific instrument or device to help us comply however due to the urgency of new environmental goals regulators and business now need the latest device in order to comply and remain ahead of new environmental regulations. We now need smart devices to work across single or numerous monitoring applications within our business to measure impacts which are good and bad on our environment.

Environmental Sensing Workshop

Taking the format of short, high-impact talks and networking opportunities this joint workshop will identify opportunities for research and development that could be addressed by collaborations between SU2P, CENSIS, industry partners and other organisations. Covering applications, systems and devices – including IR sources and detectors, the workshop will help you to identify opportunities capable of being adapted to your unique business situation.

About Photonics

Photonics is an enabler to many of the techniques that are and will be used to measure the environment, for example:

  • Imagers in space
  • Optical sensors
  • Spectroscopy
  • Trace gas monitoring
  • Remote sensing / LIDAR
  • Multi-spectral and hyper-spectral imaging (Aerial and Satellite)
  • Thermal imaging.


9.00Registration and Coffee
9.15Welcome and introduction to CENSIS
9.30Keynote: David Ross, Scotland’s Rural College – SRUC
10.00Five x 7-minute presentations
10.45Coffee and posters
11.30Keynote: Richard Cooper, Cascade Technologies
12.00Five x 7-minute presentations
12.45Lunch, Networking and posters

Delegate Contributions

Two forms of contribution are invited:

  • Academic staff and industry delegates are invited to give 5-minute presentations (plus 2 minutes Q&A).

Presentations can come from any organisation, business or individual ,highlighting a promising scientific or technical capability, or an unsolved problem in the area.

  • Students and post-doctoral researchers may submit posters for display during the coffee and lunch breaks.

Coffee and lunch breaks will allow networking and follow-up of topics introduced in presentation.


Registration is free to all registrants but places are limited and SU2P members and CENSIS academic and industry partners will be given preference.

Register at the Eventbrite page.

Registration deadline is 5 September 2014. Participants (presenting and posters) will receive email confirmation by 12 September 2014.