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GSS Wins National Innovation Award

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14 October 2014

Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) Ltd, a Scottish-based high-tech gas sensor company that has worked with CENSIS on a number of joint projects, has been awarded a prestigious Institute of Physics (IOP) Innovation Award 2014.

The accolade is in recognition of the company’s successful product R&D, and global commercialisation of unique, ultra-low power consumption gas sensors.

Dr Frances Saunders, President of IOP, said, “As we become more aware of the detrimental effect of CO2 emissions, it is excellent to see Gas Sensing Solutions using the latest advances in physics to satisfy both the societal and the market demand.”

Alan Henderson, Managing Director and co-founder of GSS Ltd. commented: “We are delighted to win this esteemed award. It recognises the uniqueness, performance and low cost of GSS products, which are well aligned with current and emerging market needs, with sales in 46 countries and strong growth in both domestic and international markets.”

GSS was established June 2006 and now employs 20 personnel. The company is the unique supplier of low-power consumption and fast-response carbon dioxide gas sensors. GSS is currently producing the world’s lowest power consumption sensor and one with the fastest response.

The trademarked sensors can be applied in a number of important and wide-ranging market sectors including indoor air quality control, energy reduction in buildings, industrial safety, horticulture, mining and medical. Applications include:

  • Commercial buildings – energy saving by regulating CO2 levels and minimising energy consumption with Demand Control Ventilation.
  • School classrooms – high levels of CO2 levels affect children’s performance and concentration.
  • Cars – The GSS CO2 sensor was presented earlier this year on the popular BBC One Show, warning drivers when CO2 levels are too high in vehicles. GSS is in discussions with a number of companies to deploy sensors in future vehicles.

Calum MacGregor, Technical and Operations Director said “This award recognises the global impact our technology has already made. GSS sensors are widely used to save energy, and to improve air quality in the built environment.”

“We have taken an area of physics which is more often used by defence industries. GSS has developed a range of products which help to address some of the tough environmental challenges we face”.