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CeeD Monthly Meeting: Sensor and Imaging Systems

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23rd March 2015

NOTE: This event has now passed.

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How connected sensing is driving profit streams and new business models

Glasgow Science Centre, Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1EA

23 March, 10.00am-1.00pm

About the Event

CENSIS has teamed with CeeD – a community of businesses who pool their expertise, experience and resources in the pursuit of operational efficiency and excellence – to lead the next CeeD Glasgow monthly meeting; providing an overview of the ways in which sensor systems technologies can increase your company’s profitability.

Aimed squarely at a non-expert audience, this FREE EVENT will include lots of examples of the markets and application areas in which sensor systems can be applied to bring quality, efficiency and performance improvements. CENSIS will also introduce the free services it offers to help companies introduce sensing technologies into the workplace.

By the end of the event, you will have an understanding of:

  • The ways in which sensor and imaging systems can improve business processes and increase profits.
  • Why increasing number of manufacturers are using sensor systems on their production lines.
  • Why growing numbers of organisations – from recycling companies to supermarkets – are recognising the benefits of using new imaging techniques to create new business efficiencies.

Sensor and Imaging Systems (SIS)

The Sensor and Imaging Systems market is valued at £2.6Bn pa in Scotland, and employs over 16,000 people in high-value jobs. It is a key enabling technology to achieve quality, efficiency and performance across all key markets, however the underlying requirement across of these sectors is the same: to sense, measure, process, communicate and visualise data in a way that provides valuable and actionable information.

SIS is spearheading the next wave of connectivity and intelligence for internet connected devices and acts as a wider driver for new concepts such as the Internet of Things, the point at which the physical and the digital connect. In a manufacturing setting, sensor technologies could be used for:

  • Increasing factory visibility or process monitoring
  • Increasing automation and productivity improvements
  • Product customisation
  • Intelligent work instructions
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Connected and intelligent supply chains


CENSIS Business Development Director Mark Begbie will provide an overview of SIS technologies and discuss the benefits they bring to a whole host of markets – from aerospace to manufacturing, construction, food and drink, transport, waste management and more – before introducing speakers who are bringing SIS technologies to some surprising end markets:

  • Ivan Andonovic of Silent Herdsman, a global provider of predictive analytics software for farmers, will explain how its sensor system technology is delivering significant improvements in herd performance, business efficiencies and animal welfare.
  • John Gilchrist of Gilden Photonics, provides an overview of  how his company’s ‘rainbow’ technology impacts our wider world – from measuring Michelangelo paintings to optimising production lines and operating conditions in factories. 


Please register to join us for this free event at the Glasgow Science Centre on Monday 23rd March:

  • 10.00am: Coffee and registration
  • 10.30am-12.00pm: Presentations/Q&A
  • 12.00pm: Sandwich lunch followed by an optional trip around the Science Centre