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IoTUK Boost Competition: Challenge Statements

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24 December 2015

Enabling Living Spaces

In addressing our theme of ‘People and their Environments’, we are working with a number of  ‘problem owners’ to identify challenge statements for further discussion and exploration at our workshop.

Read more about the IoTUK Boost competition: apply to attend a two-day workshop on how to accelerate your Internet of Things (IoT) product or service from idea stage to a robust and fundable proposition.

Challenge Themes

Challenges received under the Enabling Living Spaces theme include:

Independent Living

How could a Local Authority provide care at low cost to enable independent living at home for longer, using Internet of Things technologies linked to standard domestic devices.

Carbon Footprint & Energy Efficiency

How can Internet of Things technologies help a Council make more informed decisions about managing energy to reduce a city’s carbon footprint?

For example, the total amount spent by this Local Authority and Arm’s Length External Organisations (ALEOs) on gas and electricity in 2013/14 was £24.6 million. The Council has committed to a city wide carbon emission reduction of 30%. Using smart and future principles provide options on how this city can achieve this target based on factual analysis.