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IoTUK Boost Competition: Challenge Statements

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24 December 2015

Mobility & Smart Transport

In addressing our theme of ‘People and their Environments’, we are working with a number of  ‘problem owners’ to identify challenge statements for further discussion and exploration at our workshop.

Challenge owners including large companies, national agencies and regulators, local authorities and major public sector organisations such as the Scottish Cities Alliance. 

Read more about the IoTUK Boost competition: apply to attend a two-day workshop on how to accelerate your Internet of Things (IoT) product or service from idea stage to a robust and fundable proposition.

Challenge Themes

Challenges received under the Mobility and Smart Transport theme include:

Pedestrian Flow

How can IoT technologies help a Local Authority better understand movement around a city? For example, could we develop product or services that could identify pedestrian flow patterns 24/7, or enable predictive planning to support business continuity during a major event?

Traffic Flow

Legally, a City Council is obliged to record traffic flow in the city. This is currently done using legacy technologies. How could IoT provide a richer amount of data for less cost?

Reducing Carbon Emissions

In order to address carbon emission levels in the city, this local authority has to create an innovative and more sustainable transport system. What would be the best and most efficient, low cost transport model it could use?