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CENSIS discusses LoRa on BBC Radio Scotland, 8 July

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8 July 2016

Good Morning Scotland interview with Mark Begbie

mark-begbieDr Mark Begbie, CENSIS Business Development Director was interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland’s morning news programme, Good Morning Scotland on 8 July 2016 to discuss the new LoRa testbed project launched this week in Glasgow.

Listen to Mark talk to presenter Gary Robertson about the Internet of things, the LoRa project, the development of smart cities and the potential benefits this groundbreaking technology – launched only last week at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, China – might bring to people living in Scotland.

From helping us to find a parking space in the city, to reducing the costs of fuel deliveries to remoter parts of the country, this new Glasgow testbed – developed in partnership with Boston Networks, Stream Technologies and the Semtech Corporation – has the potential to be the first of many to be scaled across the world enabling practical and money saving applications to tackle common challenges.