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Tech Summit Speaker Profile: Andrew Rosie

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11 July 2016

3rd CENSIS Technology Summit, 6 Oct 2016

Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow G1 1RD

Session 2: The Connected Community

We are pleased to confirm the opening speaker of our ‘Connected Community’ session will be Andrew Rosie, Head of Sector Team at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

Title: “Regulating Scotland’s environment in a changing world”

Environment Protection Agencies are increasingly seeking to develop significantly smarter ways of increasing resource efficiency and reducing pollution; and to carry out this work in ways which also contribute to the social and economic success of the societies they serve. Andrew will talk about how SEPA are implementing a  new regulatory strategy, new sector plans and streamlining licences. This new approach will significantly change information collection requirements. In his presentation, Andy will explore the implications these changes have for environmental management in the 21st century.

About Andy

Andy is Head of SEPA’s Sector Team (a new role), working with Scottish businesses to foster a new relationship, encouraging companies, not just to comply with environmental licence requirements, but to go beyond what’s required by statute, setting out their own ambitious targets on improving both environmental stewardship, and the health and well-being of local communities where they do business. Andy’s new team will promote incentives for change by working cooperatively; helping businesses grow sustainably as part of this new approach.

Andy has extensive experience in environmental management; including regulation and impact assessment, working with the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology (on expansion of hydro-generation), then achieving the position of Highland River Purification Board’s Chief Inspector, before moving to SEPA.

Before taking up his new role, Andy was Head of SEPA’s Operations for the North. He has extensive experience working with Scotland’s aquaculture and whisky distilling sectors, acting as lead contact for both.

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