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Tech Summit Exhibitor Profile: Mothive

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19 August 2016

3rd CENSIS Technology Summit, 6 Oct 2016

Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow G1 1RD

Demo Zone Exhibitor: Mothive

About Mothive

Founded in 2015, Mothive designs hardware and software IoT solutions to collect environmental and situational awareness data and turns it into an asset. Its technology is specially designed for the defence and precision agriculture sectors, where the support infrastructure is usually insufficient and the nonexistence of portable sensing technologies greatly limits monitoring, security and productivity of assets and resources in remote locations.

At the Summit
Mothive Logo

Motive will showcase its precision agriculture platform where users will be able to see different IoT devices used to create an end-to-end system that senses changes in conditions (in this case soil moisture, air temperature, humidity and irradiance) and sends the data to the cloud. Delegates should be able to view a user dashboard to see live data being collected and see how the Mothive system can provide insight and predictions relating to crop production, cost reduction and hazardous events.

On the day, the company is looking to connect with end users – particularly farmers or agri companies – investors, academics and research institutes interested in developing partnerships; and meeting people interested in joining the Mothive team.

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