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Tech Summit Exhibitor Profile: University of the West of Scotland

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1st January 1970

NOTE: This event has now passed.

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3rd CENSIS Technology Summit, 6 Oct 2016

Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow G1 1RD

Demo Zone Exhibitors: UWS

About UWS

The University of the West of Scotland‘s Institute of Thin Films, Sensors & Imaging is a centre of excellence and key laboratory in the UK for the development of thin film technology, deposition processes, characterisation and dissemination of information on the applications of thin films. It has received extensive funding support and is proud of its world leading facilities for thin film deposition. It comprises plasma enhanced e-beam deposition, magnetron sputtering systems (including DC, pulsed DC, RF, microwave systems), plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (RF, hollow cathode PECVD) and various advanced film characterisation facilities.

Institute researchers have strong expertise in thin film and plasma research, micro/nanoscale film/structure design, characterisation/evaluation, micro-mechanics and nanotechnology. Its facilities are unique within the academic community, providing necessary vacuum deposition capability to support institute specific and collaborative research.

At the SummitUWS logo

On the day Institute staff will showcase a number of areas of research of interest to Tech Summit delegates:

  • Novosound probes are low-cost, high resolution ultrasound probes for applications across biomedical and industrial sectors. They are disposable and low-power, meaning they are easily integrated into battery powered devices, for example remote monitoring and wearables.
  • Multi spectral imaging using linear variable filters (LVFs) in the visible spectrum and extended into the infrared enables the identification of objects ranging from plankton in the ocean to diseased crops on an arable farm.  Bespoke and low cost LVF components is innovative and the enabling technology for applications across several market sectors.
  • Large area Precision Optical Filter for dual bank laser protection at 532nm and 755-810nm for use in medical and dental applications.
  • Wafer with ultra durable infrared anti reflective coating applications include infrared sensor and imaging systems, e.g., security and surveillance.
  • Visible linear variable filter – applications include miniaturised spectrometers, and multi-spectral imaging.

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