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Tech Summit Speaker Profile: Andy Ward, Ubisense

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22 September 2016

3rd CENSIS Technology Summit, 6 Oct 2016

Technology & Innovation Centre, Glasgow G1 1RD

Session 3: The Connected Businessandyward_ubisense


Dr Andy Ward has designed, built and worked with in-building location systems for over twenty years. He studied at Cambridge University, receiving a MA in Computer Science and a PhD in ‘Sensor-driven Computing’, and led research into location technology at AT&T Laboratories Cambridge from 1998 to 2002. In 2002, he co-founded Ubisense Limited, one of the first companies to commercialise UWB in-building tracking products, and as CTO he now leads technology planning and development for Ubisense.

He was awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering’s 2015 Silver Medal for his contributions to this field, and is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Tech Summit Presentation

Titlubisense-logo-2014-300dpie: The Industrial Internet of Things in the Real World

Modern manufacturing is increasingly dynamic, with consumers demanding more choice and speedier delivery, and suppliers are looking to automation to help them keep up. In this talk, Andy will show how the Industrial Internet of Things, in the form of real-time location sensor networks, is already helping companies like BMW and Airbus cope with the problems of mass customisation and distributed manufacturing. He will delve deep into case studies of mission-critical IIoT deployments, and will also discuss some of the challenges involved in rolling out and maintaining real-world IIoT systems.