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CENSIS IoT Explorer 2017 Winners

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27 July 2017

Seven Scottish companies have won a place on our first-ever IoT Explorer programme, created to accelerate businesses’ adoption of the next industrial revolution.

The winners all receive up to 20 days’ support from the engineering and project management team at CENSIS. They will also receive access to facilities at Glasgow’s Tontine incubator, entry to CENSIS’s Internet of Things (IoT) workshops, and assistance in developing an investor pitch.

The winning companies are:

Angel Monitors

Developing new technology for custodial staff to monitor detainees’ health

Attis Fitness

Creating smart sportswear which, combined with an app, tells runners about their performance and reduces the risk of injury.  @AttisFitness


Developing sensor technology which helps hospitals make better use of their moveable assets and facilities. @beringarltd

DeuXality & Stonnivation

Developing an app that allows mountain bikers to share their trails and times with other riders in remote locations.  @DeuXality

iOpt Assets

Developing IoT technology that will allow landlords to monitor conditions in social housing and identify any problems, such as damp or fuel poverty, for residents.  @ioptassets


Producers of doorsets and door components for mental health environments.


Developing a Bluetooth-enabled, IoT device for real-time assessment and optimisation of bike suspension – the technology could be extended to a range of other vehicles.

Dr Mark Begbie, Business Development Director at CENSIS said:

“These businesses demonstrate that a wide range of organisations are embracing what the IoT has to offer. Not only are they new and innovative ideas, but many of them tackle fundamental social challenges we face today. While some are established companies, looking to offer new services and products, others are starting from scratch. There are exciting developments underway across Scotland’s broad tech scene.

“The IoT can change the way businesses of all types work – Scotland is leading the way with a commitment from the Scottish Government to establishing a national IoT network and six regional networks already in place. Our aim is to help as many companies as possible, regardless of their size or sector, to be at the forefront of these developments.”

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