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Tech Summit Exhibitor profile: Qoitech

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1 September 2017

4th Technology Summit, 2 November 2017

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Demo Zone Exhibitor: Qoitech

About Qoitech

We are Qoitech, a part of Sony. Our team is based in Lund, Sweden and leverages on over twenty years’ experience in developing energy optimized smart devices for the global telecom market. We would love to hear from you and learn from your experiences regarding energy optimisation! Go to our forum and speak your mind. We are listening.

At the Summit

On the day, Qoitech will be showing Otii, an easy-to-use developer tool for optimisation of the battery usage of IoT devices. Otii analyses power consumption of typical IoT device (normally using a Raspberry Pi Zero running Python script) and how software debug messages are recorded and aligned in time for analysis against power consumption. Delegates will be able to use the GUI and learn more about the features.

The demonstration is aimed at hardware and software developers of IoT and other battery powered devices where optimising power consumption is important. Additionally, the device will be of interest to education community, those that run maker spaces and users/regulators of IoT devices who need to understand the true power consumption of devices.

Further Information