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Scotland’s Invent Calendar

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6 December 2018

The people behind ‘Scotland is Now‘, the campaign showcasing the the benefits of living, working, studying or doing business in  Scotland, are introducing something a little different for the festive season. Each day throughout December, the site will share a different modern Scottish innovation. Forget about your traditional advent calendar, in 2018 it’s time to celebrate the INvent calendar!

Scotland’s long tradition of innovation remains as strong today as it has ever been. Take a journey through modern-day Scotland, and discover some of the incredible innovations happening in Scotland right now.

In the first fortnight of the calendar, four of the featured inventions were collaborative projects with CENSIS – Attis Fitness, a Scottish start up developing motion capture clothing for runners, and Hydrason Solutions, a sonar device that mimics the way dolphins communicate, Sensor Works’ condition monitoring sensor, and our project with smart buildings company, Beringar