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IoT – what’s it all about? Our guide explains

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28 June 2019 | Censis

There’s a transformation taking place in how businesses, societies and individuals work and a new era of possibility is now producing ideas and insights we never would have thought realistic only a few years ago.

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are a game-changer, allowing companies to create new products and services or implement cost and time-saving efficiencies using data and insights gathered in real-time.  Environmental, health and social care IoT applications will also have positive impacts on society.

The availability and low price of sensors, coupled with major leaps in data storage and computing capabilities, means that the time is right for businesses to embrace the major improvements, new opportunities and cost savings that IoT offers.

CENSIS has produced a guide to firstly explain what IoT is, then help you navigate the implementation of IoT in your business or organisation.

Download and read our ‘Getting started with IoT’ guide