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An overview of IoT2Go development kits

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11 November 2019

CENSIS has launched IoT2Go, a series of plug and play IoT development kits for organisations to try out an IoT solution in their own premises. IoT2Go was developed as part of a Scottish Government programme to raise awareness of IoT technologies.

  • No experience required: These are quick and easy to set up and can be used by people with no technical or coding experience.
  • If you have IoT experience: The kits can also be used by those with IoT knowledge as a development platform to find out what else you want your IoT system to measure.

How they work

Each system has been designed to be plug and play.  All the user needs is internet access (broadband) and a USB charger.

Once you unpack and connect your system, you can sign in to our dashboard and immediately view results. This will help you decide if an IoT system is right for your organisation and if the type of data you are measuring could lead to meaningful business decisions.

The out of the box standard configurations for the Indoor, Outdoor and Vision IoT2Go Development kits are:

  • Indoor: air quality, air pressure, temperature, humidity, ambient noise and people movement in buildings
  • Outdoor: monitor local weather parameters
  • Vision: capture real time count and classification of people and objects

Once you trialled the kit and have a clear idea of what you want your IoT system to do, CENSIS can work with you to develop a more bespoke solution.