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Productivity Club Scotland announces expansion

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12 November 2020

Productivity Club Scotland, the partnership between the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) and the Scottish Government, has expanded, announcing the launch of three new Clubs in North East Scotland, South of Scotland and Highlands and Islands.

Starting out in Glasgow and Edinburgh in October 2019, Productivity Club Scotland supports businesses who want to improve their own productivity and performance, and share advice and experiences to help others do the same. Over 1200 business have already joined the network.

  • Productivity is a measure of the efficiency of an economy and how resources are used to produce economic output. Productivity matters because as firms increase their productivity and can produce more, they add greater value to the economy. This in turn affects pay or increased profits, without increasing prices.

The Club is a forum for networking and peer to peer learning, and also provides signposting to business resources which may be helpful for its members. Focusing on key themes which help increase productivity and business resilience, the Club is free to join and members come from across Scotland representing businesses of all sizes and all sectors.