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The Bavarian photonics industry: a partner for Scotland

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9th December 2020

NOTE: This event has now passed.

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Please join Invest in Bavaria, with Technology Scotland, Fraunhofer UK and CENSIS, for a free online webinar designed to give Scottish players in the photonics industry an overview of, and insights into, Bavaria’s optical technologies ecosystem. The event is design to generate ideas and channels for cross-border exchange and networking for trade, collaboration as well as joint initiatives and programmes.

Almost 140,000 people work in optical technologies – one of the twelve key technologies – in Germany today. In 2018, the turnover of the sector was nearly €40 billion. Bavaria’s share of this is over 50 per cent in the lighting technology, information technology and communications technology sectors, and around 25 per cent in medical technology and life science.

With more than 500 companies in the field of optical technologies, Bavaria is the number one location in Germany. Key fields include laser technology, additive manufacturing, holography, metrology & sensor technology, laser material processing and fiber optic telecommunications. Photonics is also very significant in the field of biophotonics and medical diagnostics. The session will give you an overview of the sector and key developments, including quantum technology.

On registering for the event, participants can indicate topics that are of particular interest.


  • Introduction and moderation
    • David Scrimgeour MBE, Global Scot
  • Welcome address
    • Simon Andrews, Executive Director, Fraunhofer UK Research Ltd.
  • Bavaria: Economic overview/public sector and photonics
    • Peter Englert, Senior Manager Investor Services, Invest in Bavaria
  • The MSQST: Center of Excellence for Quantum Technology Research
    • Dr. Tatjana Wilk, General Manager, Munich Centre for Quantum Science and Technology
  •  The Bavarian Sensor Technologies Network: Photonics & Optical Measurements; Intelligent Sensor Systems
    • Matthias Streller, CEO | Sensorik-Bayern e.V.
  • Laser Technologies in Bavaria
    • Dr. Hans-Joachim Krauss, Bayerisches Laserzentrum GmbH


Register for free via GoToWebinar.